Annie Kissack – Manx Bard

We’re very proud that the President of Yn Chruinnaght was awarded the role of the 5th Manx Bard this year. Annie Kissack is a teacher at the world’s only Manx Gaelic medium school (Bunscoill Ghaelgagh), conductor of Gaelic choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh and prolific composer of Manx choral music.

The Bard is a cultural initiative – sponsored by the Arts Council and endorsed by Culture Vannin – where the winning poet is selected by a panel of judges based on their poems, performance, and bringing innovation to the role.

As part of the prize, the Bard attends events on and off island throughout the year to promote Manx culture. Annie will be performing some of her original poetry on Thursday 18th July at the Centenary Centre and at other events over the festival weekend.

You can enjoy more of Annie’s poems here