The Mollag Band

The Mollag Band have been at the forefront of Manx music for over 20 years. The Mollag Band perform an eclectic mic of self-penned songs and traditional material, with finely-crafted vocal harmonies and performed on a variety of folk and popular instruments. Known for their songs of social and political comment in both Manx Gaelic and English, the band is popular with festivals, having performed at Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering and Shennaghys Jiu in the Isle of Man and Cwlwm Celtaidd in Wales. They have recently added some Manx Gaelic versions of well-known pop songs, such as Pharrell Willliam’s ‘Happy’ to their repertoire too! The band has recorded several albums in the past two decades, with their latest CD being ‘Afloat’. 

The Mollag Band will be performing on Wednesday 17 July in the Centenary Centre, 7.30pm