Yn Chruinnaght’s CD ‘The Gathering’- 12 great tracks for only £6 (including p&p)!!!

‘The Gathering’ is an exciting collection of Celtic music featuring twelve tracks donated by artists who have played at the festival over the years. ‘The Gathering’ CD will raise vital funds for future events.

‘The Gathering’ is a celebration of some of the wonderful music and performances that make Yn Chruinnaght so special, including some previously unreleased material. Yn Chruinnaght is very grateful to the artists who have donated tracks (see below for more information). Enjoy the CD all the more in the knowledge that sales of it will help Yn Chruinnaght to bring performers together at future gatherings!

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Yn Chruinnaght CD

The tracks and artists are:

Three spires/Tregajorran furry – Leski (Cornwall);
Ah, que les femmes y sont betes d’obeir a leur mari – Trio Froger (Brittany);
Our ship did sail/If young men could swim – Sheear (Isle of Man);
Mae gen i fuwch – Never Mind The Bocs (Wales);
Just for Sean – Leo McCann (Scotland)
In with the bricks – Pipedown (Scotland);
Kishtey ny yindyssyn – Staa (Isle of Man);
Sumach – Scoot (Cornwall);
Bonny broom – Imrama (Ireland);
Kilmartin sky – Rachel Hair (Scotland);
Derriere chez moi, ‘y a un etang – Chal ha Dichal, with vocals by Lors Landat (Brittany);
Fiddler’s despair – Mabon (Wales).